Ata Ozbay

Paralegal  (312) 943-8000

About Ata

Ata wears many hats at Atom Law Group. From managing immigration cases to overseeing all corporate formalities, Ata blends paralegal work, operations, and business development on a daily basis, looking to add value to each client and case where appropriate. Ata gives a more dynamic breath to the lawyerly world, where action is leashed by local, state, and federal organizations.
Ata graduated with a BA in Economics from San Diego State University. He speaks Turkish, loves sports, and has a handful of enviable R&B and Hip-Hop playlists on Spotify that he’d love to share with you. He believes in bringing humor to every situation and is responsible for most of the laughter heard at the firm. Most of all, he loves his mother, Peggy.

Ata's Favorite Quote

Freedom is my character.Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Outside of the firm, Ata enjoys

Writing while listening to Chopin