Non-Contract Disputes Among Businesses & Company Insiders

Business related torts include claims such as fraud, fraudulent conveyance, breach of fiduciary duty allegations. Some times these claims can be between separate businesses who have had dealings, while other times, the claims can arise within the company, among owners, directors, officers or key employees. When a dispute arises and the basis for the dispute is not a contract, tort claims may exist.

Business relationships with third parties are, under certain circumstances, a protected interest that should be free from another third party’s interference. There may be multiple business related torts based on one set of facts.

The same is true in cases involving disputes within a company. For example, breach of fiduciary duty against company insiders may include allegations of conflicts of interest, fraudulent conduct, or breach of the duties of care and loyalty. Intentional or tortious interference with business contracts or business relationships are also common.