Maggie Velazquez


Bachelor’s Degree – Calumet College of Saint Joseph


Magdalena (Maggie) Velazquez is the youngest of 10 children. Maggie immigrated to the United States from El Salvador as a young adult. She got graduated from Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, California. She continued her education at Los Angeles City College, but had to postpone her higher education after 1 year to be a full-time mother for her three sons. Years later, she moved to Indiana, where she continued her role as Supermom while simultaneously working the 3rd shift at a varnish and paint factory for 12 years. After her sons grew up and went off to school, Maggie made the decision to return to school and finish her undergraduate studies.

Maggie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal and Prelaw studies with a Minor in Psychology from Calumet College of Saint Joseph in Whiting, Indiana, with honors. She credits her ability to achieve this to the unconditional love and support of her husband. She went on to work for a legal organization that served low-income clients in Merrillville, Indiana, for two years, and for another two years at a traffic defense firm. Outside of work, Maggie enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, reading, hiking with her husband, and participating in church activities. Her personal belief is that you’re never too old to learn new things – it’s only too late when you’re dead!

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