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L-1 Visa

L-1 visas for managers, executives, and specialized knowledge workers

Individuals who have worked for one out of the last three years for a parent, subsidiary or affiliate of a U.S. Company as a Manager, Executive or individuals with specialized knowledge of a company’s processes, procedures or other proprietary information may qualify for an L-1 visa. Our office will examine the relationship between the U.S. and Foreign Employer, the job abroad and the job offered to determine eligibility and represent the employer and foreign national in obtaining the appropriate visa. We will also advise start-up U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies on how to successfully bring their initial executive, managerial and specialized knowledge personnel to staff a newly created business.  Our experienced Corporate attorneys can also advise the entity on the best business entity (corporation, partnership or LLC) for their needs and do all of the paperwork required to establish the US company.

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