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Employment Based Green Cards

EB-1 multinational executives, individuals with extraordinary abilities in sciences, arts, athletics, education, or business; outstanding professors and researchers

Individuals who have worked abroad as a Manager or Executive and who are being transferred to the United States to work as a Manager or Executive for a company that is a parent, subsidiary or affiliate of their employer abroad can obtain permanent residency without filing a labor certification.  

Individuals who have achieved a high level of success and recognition by their peers in the sciences, arts, athletics, education or business can also obtain permanent residency without labor certification.  Additionally, these individuals can self-petition, and do not need sponsorship from a US employer.  Our office can evaluate academic and professional credentials to determine the likelihood of success of a petition in one of these categories. For qualified individuals, we will help prepare the necessary documentation, help gather supporting evidence, prepare a detailed brief to USCIS supporting the petition, and respond to any inquiries from the Department of Homeland Security. If you believe that you or your employee may qualify in one of these categories, please do not hesitate to contact us for an in-depth consultation.

EB-2 individuals holding advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in sciences, arts, or business

Individuals applying under this category must normally have a job offer from a U.S. employer, and the employer must complete the labor certification process prior to filing a petition with USCIS. However, if an individual can show that it would be in the national interest to waive the labor certification process, he may be able to apply without a job offer and avoid the labor certification process.

We will evaluate your case to determine whether a waiver in the labor certification process is a viable option and work with you on documenting the national interest issues. If a labor certification is required, we will draft all necessary forms and advise on documentation. We will also draft necessary reports on recruitment efforts, and advise employers throughout the recruitment process.

EB-3 skilled workers and professionals

Individuals in this category must have a job offer, and employers must complete the labor certification process before filing a petition with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.   Under the PERM system, a carefully supervised advertising and recruitment process is done in order to establish that there are no qualified and available candidates for the position, and an application is filed on line with the U.S. Department of Labor.  Upon approval of the Labor Certification Application, additional documentation is filed with the Citizenship and Immigration Service USCIS.

Our firm will prepare all necessary applications, petitions and reports, advise employers on needed documentation of recruitment efforts and required documents in support of petitions.

EB-4 religious workers

Permanent Resident status may be available for individuals who are coming to the United States to work full time as a minister, or in a religious vocation or occupation. Labor certification is not required.

Our office will prepare all relevant applications and petitions, advise our clients on gathering the necessary documentation and other supporting evidence, file the case with the Department of Homeland Security, and attend to any follow-up work necessary to obtain permanent resident status.

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