The client was a long-standing Chicago company that manufactured custom engineered component systems which were incorporated into larger machinery by machine manufacturers.


A customer, which was part of a billion-dollar multinational manufacturing group, refused to pay for multiple built-to-specification systems alleging delivery of defective products. A lawsuit ensued with our client initially represented by another law firm.


The client believed that the customer’s engineering department was at fault and had issued specifications improper for their own use. Knowing our client had limited resources to pursue the case, the customer threatened to bury our client in litigation and the client had almost given up when we took on the case.


Our litigation team worked with the client to be able to fight aggressively and cost-effectively. At one court appearance, Atom Law Group had one attorney represent the client which was all that was needed for us while the other side had four attorneys show up for the same thing. Through the course of litigation, our client’s position changed from feeling hopeless against a much larger opponent who was not giving our client the time of day to having the upper hand and fielding very respectful requests for settlement.


Once we brought our client to a position of strength and provided options where there were none before, we counseled the client to see beyond the litigation in deciding whether to proceed to trial or to settle. Ultimately, the case settled in a very favorable manner which not only met our client’s initial goals but also salvaged the business relationship and expanded our client’s business.