The client was a transportation company that provided services through its fleet of buses and other vehicles.


The two business partners needed to split up the assets and debts of the business to go their separate ways as they could no longer work together.


Beyond this, there was not much the parties agreed on. Emotions abounded stemming from a strained and finally broken the business and personal relationship. Threats of litigation escalated even though they both knew of a similarly situated company in the industry where the owners have been engaged in protracted litigation for years and draining the value of the assets they were fighting over.


Despite what had passed between the parties and their doubts as to the possibility of avoiding such protracted litigation, we counseled the parties to try negotiation first. Utilizing a mediator approach through the intense and heated sessions, we brokered a separation agreement within one week and then helped execute on the agreement.


Thus, the parties achieved their goal and avoided potentially years of costly and time-consuming litigation. This also allowed each party to immediately move on and start-up new businesses. Each party continues to thrive in their separate business ventures and, with each party’s consent, both remain our clients.