Why A Law Firm’s Approach Matters

Why a Law Firm's Approach Matters

As a law firm that serves many small businesses and successful entrepreneurs without in-house legal departments, we fill a vital role.

But it’s not just about providing top-notch legal services (though we strive to do that every day), it is about forming positive, quality long term relationships with clients and team members while leaning into challenges to discover areas of growth, expansion and success.


The key to any relationship is trust.

In our business, all our successful client relationships are built on a solid foundation of trust, honesty, and open communication.

By forging these types of relationships, we find that our clients view us not just as an outside legal service provider, but as critical members of their internal operations.  We have become trusted advisors beyond the typical legal issues that businesses face.  We are trusted advisors for issues covering everything from operational concerns to planning the future growth of their various business enterprises.

Clients know we have their best interests in mind and can bring an outsider’s perspective while fully understanding the intricacies of their business as well as understanding their goals and desires.  We also bring valuable connections and networking opportunities outside of legal services to support them from an even larger scope.


Our communication strategy revolves around the client, when they need us, we are available.

But in order to advise and serve to the best of our ability – the concept of trust and communication needs to flow in both directions. It is our duty and obligation to maintain client / counsel confidentiality (within the legal limits) and the more we know, the better we can navigate the circumstances to provide the best possible service and outcome.


Like many industries, the pandemic created unforeseen challenges.

From the unpredictability to forced client closures, the pandemic caused a shift in business and business practices. But through this experience, we learned that expansion and diversification of our client base will help weather future storms.

Growth is essential, but comes with its own set of obstacles. Competent and reliable team members are only half the equation, a quality infrastructure is critical to long lasting success.

It all comes back to trust.

We need to trust our team to do the right thing for our clients and they need to trust us to provide the support, organization and resources to be a consistent and highly efficient machine.

By meeting obstacles head on, proactively identifying areas of change, expansion, and growth, we are all better prepared to serve our clients and maneuver challenges down the road.


One big differentiator for our group is our inclusion of technology. Law firms are known for being behind the times and the lack of technology often results in wide scale inefficiencies.

Luckily for us, we have been advocates of technology since the beginning so the impact of the pandemic didn’t slow us down like many other firms.

Ultimately, time is money. If we can save ourselves (and our clients) valuable time to keep moving forward, it’s worth the spend.

Although we were early adopters of technology, the pandemic accelerated the addition of new technologies and continues to push us to streamline and improve our services to our clients.


As a firm, we stand behind the happiness of both our clients and team members.

The integration of technology allowed us to be nimble and efficient during early stay-at-home orders. As we move towards the close of this pandemic, our staff will continue to have control over their personal work environment to feel safe and comfortable.

We strive to honor a healthy work-life balance and believe quality, long term team members are just as valuable as quality, long term clients.

When you treat your people right, they treat your clients right. When each team member takes pride and responsibility in their work, they will serve the clients with the highest standard of service.

For us, it’s a win-win.

Joon Oh directs all of the firm’s business operations and also spearheads the development of Atom Law Group’s strategic plan to best guide the firm’s growth without compromising individualized client service.