Giving Back Through Music

Giving back to your community is something that needs no explanation. It starts and ends with giving, and we may feel influenced most by helping the communities we live and work in, and the people within them. A community is, after all, an area with common attitudes, interests, and goals.

That common interest may be music. If it is, you’re in the same community as Atom Law Group. Some of the very same reasons that make us the successful, grounded firm that we are, we owe to the creativity that is developed and exerted through music and its makings. But this isn’t unique to just us. Millions of people belong to this community.

Unfortunately, not all children and teens have access to the instruments they want and love to play. Similarly, a majority of these youngsters lack access to music education. Especially in Chicago.

Enter One City, a jazz-based instrumental music program that started, in-part thanks to our Founder, SohYoon Atac, who is a member of the Board, to engage and uplift the lives of the children of our city, and their communities. 

A part of the VanderCook College of Music, One City offers free music lessons, rehearsals, and instruments to elementary and middle school-aged children in Bronzeville, and the surrounding Chicago south side communities. Students who complete the program through the 8th grade get to keep their instrument forever, but it’s not just a free instrument that they’re getting. We believe in the positive impact that music can have on our youth should they only have an opportunity to create it.

Giving back isn’t, and shouldn’t, be limited to music. How do you give back? How does your company, or the team you’re in within it, give back? If you come up short of an answer, and you need ideas, then look no further than VanderCook’s OneCity program. We’ll share details about this year’s Sounds of Bronzeville fundraiser soon, and would love to clap, dance, and give back to Chicago’s youth together with you!