“To Be Able To Constantly Try To Be The Best Version Of Yourself”

It would be tricky to try to explain what Kobe Bryant means to a boutique law firm. None of us played basketball in college, much less the NBA, but some of us do get together on Wednesday evenings and play some pickup at Seward Park in the summer.

We like to debate (occupational hazard), and often, it reaches the NBA. Who are the greatest players? What made them so great? By default, our loyalties are to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. We are, after all, from and located in Chicago. But Kobe Bryant was different.

Perhaps it was due to basketball, and highlighted by an illustrious career with five championships and multiple MVP awards in a Lakers uniform, but to us, it all comes down to Kobe’s definition of the Mamba Mentality – a term Kobe himself coined to describe his mindset in basketball and beyond. On his Mamba Mentality Tour, in 2016, he offered a very simple definition: “to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself.”

The potential each and every one of us has – the capacity to continue to improve and better ourselves, and thus, to uplift those around us, enrich our environment, and to someone like Kobe, inspire the world – is what it’s all about.

It is an ideology that transcends basketball, sports, and everything else. To Kobe, it brought another trophy – an Academy Award. It’s recognition, however, was noticed most in recent times through his blossoming role as a father and husband.

To us, he is a rare example of how one person can achieve greatness through hard work, perseverance, and finding purpose in improving oneself each and every day.

At the core of Atom Law Group’s values rests a version of the Mamba Mentality – ownership of our lives through daily decisions and habits. There are no shortcuts to success. Sooner or later, we reap what we sow.

There is no industry-relevant news or business-oriented legal advice we can share that is more meaningful to the personal and professional success of our clients and colleagues than what Kobe Bryant embodied in his lifetime. Be better tomorrow than you were today, and you will not only give yourself a chance to ascend in whatever you do, but uplift those around you at the same time. Happiness comes naturally with that kind of inertia.

The world lost an all-time great role model and competitor yesterday. May we all remember him by constantly trying to be the best versions of ourselves today, tomorrow, and every day after, as he did.