How Manufacturers Should Defend Themselves in a Liability Dispute

Mid-size and small manufacturers often hesitate to raise a dispute or even defend themselves in situations where an issue arises with a large buyer or vendor. This blog entry deals with the fact that they are often concerned about the cost associated with a lawsuit (considering their adversary may have far more resources).

The right law firm will accommodate the right client’s financial limitations. The right match is most likely a small law firm, not a large one. A mid-size or small business will much more likely receive higher quality service from a small law firm than a large one. These clients are the preferred clients of small law firms but are not the preferred clients of large law firms.

Obviously, large law firms provide quality service… but they target large businesses.  Law firms who have the largest presence in the market are often not a good match for mid-size and small businesses for a few reasons. Their rates are astronomical and are geared for large businesses. Not only does this make them unaffordable for mid-size and small businesses, but it also sends the message that mid-size and small businesses are not their priority clients. Small law firms do not have the massive overhead of their larger counterparts and are able to offer rates that a midsize or small business can afford. In turn, working with a small firm in and of itself will likely put a mid-size or small manufacturer in a position where it can deal with a dispute on a level playing field, rather than being forced to cave in. Perhaps even more importantly, a small business will be a high priority for a small law firm if it is composed of a diligent team. Your chances of receiving direct and personal attention go up significantly, as does your chance of achieving the best result for your case.