E-1 & E-2 Visa

Visas are available to individuals entering the U.S. for a temporary period of time based on treaties between the United States and their home country in order to carry out international trade (E-1 Treaty Trader) or to develop and direct an operation in which the individual has invested or is in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital (E-2 Treaty Investor). Managers, executives and other key employees of qualifying treaty investor/treaty trader companies also qualify for E-1 and E-2 visas if they share the nationality of the owners of the company.

Our office will review your business plans and operations to determine eligibility for an E visa and prepare all necessary applications, petitions and documentation to successfully apply for this visa category.  We can also work closely with Atom Law's Corporate Law group to assist you with organizing and setting up your US business entity, negotiating for the purchase of a US company, and any other business transaction needs you may have.