A snapshot of states wherein we have assisted clients in transactional matters:

California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Ohio, Tennesse, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin


A snapshot of some example transactional matters we have represented clients in:

Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Asset Purchases & Sales, Franchising, Entity Structuring/Restructuring, Trademarks, Immigration, Commercial Leasing, Employment, Licensing, Financing, Distribution & Sales, Insurance Procurement  


What sets Atom apart?

A few simple principals we hold to be true:

Business = assuming risk to make profit 

No risk = no business

Smart risk x passage of time = success

While these statements may be obvious to a business, they are often lost on their legal advisers because many legal advisers are primarily focused on risk-aversion alone; they think primarily in terms of legal strictures. Obviously, we are heavily focused on potential liability for our clients, but also understand that our clients exist and grow by taking risks.

The more a business grows, the more nuanced the questions get. There are simply more factors at play and they all impact each other. The more sophisticated your business is, the more questions there are to answer when evaluating “is this the right risk to take?"

We are ready to help you ask the right questions so that the answers unfold naturally. If all you want is for us to negotiate a contract for you, sure, no problem. But chances are you will benefit more from our strategic input based on years of helping our clients in moments when they were growing... and faltering - after all, “risk” means sometimes this happens. Obviously, no business relishes these moments. However, challenges in business are signs of progress. We assist our clients in seizing these moments as well as risk to maximize growth.  

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